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(12/04/17) Alluring Seductions : Water series, Nude Series (Sheer Nude/Partial Revealing Nude/Full Glamour Nude)

(07/17/17) Alluring Sirens :  Private Portfolio Collection of Moses Marquez (Up to Full Revealing Nude)

(12/05/17) Alluring Visions : Water series, Implied Nude Series (Skimpy Wear, Bikinis, Sheer to no clothes what-so-ever)

Desired Beauties : Debuting in 2018

(12/06/17) Desired Nudes : Jewelry Wear (Partially Covered Nude to Full Revealing Adult Nude)

(12/07/17) Desired Rapture :Dream Catcher Series (Glamour Nude to Adult Erotic Nude)

(12/07/17) Desired Seductions : Sheer Nudes, Topless to Adult/Erotic Nude with chairs (Most w/Sheen skin look)

(12/15/17) Desired Visions : Implied Nude/Partially Revealing with chairs (No clothes what-so-ever)

(12/10/17) Desired Vixens : Water series, Adult Nude Series (Up to Erotic Nude)

(12/14/17) Eternal Beauties : Beauty and Bodyscape (Covered/Implied Nude/Sheer Fabric Nude to Partial Revealing Nude : No clothes what-so-ever)

(12/11/17) Eternal Seductions : Bodyscape Nudes (Body Revealing: Artistic Covered Nude to Full Revealing Nude/No clothes what-so-ever)

(12/12/17) Eternal Vixens : It’s That Time (Lingerie/Glamour Nude/Adult Erotic Nude)

(12/13/17) Exquisite Ecstasy : Sweet on Sweet and Duo’s, Trio’s, Group Series (Glamour/Implied Nude/Sheer Nude/Full Nude/Adult Nude) 

(08/03/17) Exquisite Rapture : Dream Catcher Series (Sexy Garments to Implied Nude) 

(12/13/17) Exquisite Vixens : Bodyscape Series (Glamour Nude/Fine Art Adult Nude: Hi-Key and Dramatic lighting) 

(12/16/17) Exquisite Warrior : Hand Weapons (Jewelry Covered/Glamour Nude/Adult Nude) 

(11/24/17) Glamour Visions : Sexy Fashion (Dresses, Sexy outfits, Crazy Wear, Mostly Non-Revealing Nude)

(12/17/17) Seductive Rapture : Jewelry Wear (Body Scapes: Covered Implied Nude up to Partial Revealing)

Seductive Sirens : Debuting in 2018

(12/14/17) Seductive Vixens  : Revealing Lingerie, Wraps, Swimwear (Revealing Sheer/Sheer Nude/Full Topless/Bottomless Nudity) 

(10/31/17) Xzotic Elegance : Sexy Revealing Fashion (Revealing Sheer/Sheer Nude/Full Topless/Bottomless Nudity) 

(12/16/17) Xzotic Visions : Sexy Glamour (Bikini, Lingerie, Crazy Wear, Mostly Non-Revealing Nude) 

(11/19/17) Xzotic Vixens  : Adult/Erotic Nude